Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Why should I join kartberry platform ?

A : Kartberry platform offers Sellers a unique proposition of NO SALE , NO FEE. You are charged a fee for every product that you sell online.

     There are no monthly charges or fees. You can list as many products as you want. There is no product limitation.  

     Your business can grow exponentially from your local area to entire city, as your products are displayed for all the pincodes in that city.

     You also gain by no additional costs of packaging and delivery charges as you deliver the orders locally.


Q : What is the purpose of pincode and how does it get allocated to me ?

A : The products are displayed based on delivery pincode of the customer. We allocate pincode for you, based on the distance you can deliver your products.

     So, if you are able to cover more than 20 pincodes, you can request your regional sales team to allocate you the same. There is no limitation on number of pincode alloted.


Q : What are the fees charged for a Sale ?

A : Kartberry offers lowest referral fees charges vary from Rs.50 or Rs.100 for a mobile phone to a maximum of 5% on every sale transaction. Taxes extra.

     For Online Card payments, an 3% fees will be deducted from the amount received and balance will be paid after deducting relevant fees.


Q : Is there any qualification criteria for qualifying as a Seller ?

A : It is very easy to become a seller on kartberry platform. As a seller, you need to have Bank account, PAN card and GST registeration. 

     With these documents in place, you can join our platform and sell products of your choice. 


Q : Are there any other requirements for a Seller ?

A : Yes. Seller delivery staff should wear T Shirts provided by kartberry along with their ID while delivering products to customers. You can request kartberry to provide you

     with the T Shirts. 

     Seller will have to display any marketing material provided by kartberry in or outside their premises ( as required ). examples : display board, leaflets, offer banners etc..



Q : How do i receive my order ?

A : You can vew your order in the Seller dashboard under Manage Orders section.


Q : What do I do if I do not have stock of the products for which I have received Orders ?

A : You have to monitor the stock of your products shown in the website and keep the stock status upto date.

     Products for which you do not have stock, please update the stock status as NIL. So it will show the products as OUT OF STOCK.

     We at kartberry take serious view on the orders not been completed due to non availability of product. It may lead to cancellation of

     Seller account.


Q : How do I despatch my orders ?

A : All order deliveries are to be undertaken by the Seller. Kartberry does not provide any delivery services for any of the sellers.

     All the items have to be delivered before the end of the day.


Q : How do I handle product returns ?

A : Once a customer raises a Returns Request, you will be intimated to pick up the product from Customer premises.

     After due verification or product, You will inform kartberry regarding the acceptance of return and kartberry will issue refund of monies to the customer and deduct the same from your account.


Q : How soon will I get my payment ?

A : Payments will be made once in 15 Days. All Cash On Delivery payments are to be collected by you.



Have more questions to ask ? Please contact or call us.